Monat: Oktober 2020

El fundador y analista criptográfico de DataDash, Nicholas Merten, dice que Bitcoin acaba de mostrar su mayor señal de compra en más de 24 meses. En un nuevo video de DataDash, Merten explica por qué el cierre semanal de Bitcoin por encima de $ 13,000 es un hito histórico para la criptomoneda más grande “Ayer, […]
Although the share of ETH and BTC in DeFi projects has recently grown significantly, the two top coins still make up less than half of the TVL. With the ongoing hype surrounding Decentralized Financial Services ( DeFi ), the sector has risen to nearly $ 4 billion in invested assets in the form of Bitcoin […]
Portugal starts to judge hacker who has caused damage of millions of euros to private and public institutions in the country Portuguese hacker accused of 90 crimes invaded football federation systems, investment fund and even PGRNOTÍCIAS On October 1, Portugal’s Justice Tribunal held a hearing for the trial of hacker Rui Pinto, who was arrested […]
In fact yield farming does not pay in bitcoin, but in token of governance of the protocol on which you immobilize your funds to give liquidity to the exchanges. Therefore using yield farming you don’t get earnings in bitcoin. At most, as for example possible on Eidoo, you can staking your BTC, but the gains […]